so i have two friends on missions right now:  one in brazil (where the letters take about 3 1/2 weeks to get here) and one in pennsylvania (where they take about 3 days).  i had been waiting for a letter since january from both of them.

disclaimer:  i know that missionaries aren't supposed to be thinking about writing me.  and i don't expect that!  they're focused on their missions and i am SO proud of both of them.  in any case. . .

i was starting to get so impatient when going to get the mail that melina decided to start filming every time i went so that when a letter did come, she could get my reaction on film.  (i know, it's a little bit pathetic.  okay, so it's a lot pathetic.  but i figure if i can't laugh at myself then what can i laugh at?)

enjoy the progression.  these are hilarious.

this last one is embarrassing.  i know, i know.  don't judge me.


Lindsey said...

Oh Shay. I love you.
And it's ok. Spencer still hasn't written me back yet either.

Taylor Psalto said...

This is probably thee best video that I have seen in a LONG time!!!!! :) Who was that one from?

Shaylee Wilcox said...

Clinton haha :)