embarrassing:  i am addicted to blogging.


it seems i always just have so much to say!  so much to put out on the blogosphere, for everyone to read, whether they're interested in my life or not.

also.  what is up with every attractive male at byu being married?

i see a cute guy.  we get closer.  i smile, he smiles.  my eyes travel down broad shoulders and defined biceps to his left hand.  and. . .

there's a ring.

or.  i'm sitting in the library, surrounded by guys.  i see some possibilities.  i do the ring check.  yep, there it is.  a ring.  signifying that some other lucky girl has already snatched him up.

what is going on here?!

another thought: my ecstatic attitude toward cooking has fizzled out.  yesterday, i was starving.  i didn't feel like cooking anything.  so i went to my cupboard and took out a can of chili and a can of peaches.  and that's what i had for dinner.

starving student?  that's me.

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Lindsey said...

I completely agree with the 'all the hot men at BYU are married' feeling.
And it's even worse when they're engaged. Because they aren't wearing a ring at that time. So when they talk to you in every class, and you're doing your best flirting, then they mention their fiancee... thats always a bummer.