our saturday night consisted of:
  • homemade pizza and breadsticks
  • orange julius
  • chick flicks:  something borrowed and dear john
  • staying up WAY too late
  • talking about boys
  • laughing WAY too hard
the weekends are the best days of the week! 

i'm not even sure if this video will amuse anyone else the way it amused us last night. . . but i think it's sooo funny, so i decided to put it on here. 

some background:  morgan was talking about how she hates when people walk so slow on campus, because even she (with her gimp foot from her bunion surgery) can pass people on the sidewalk.  that discussion turned into this:

the gimp shall pass the athlete.  sounds kinda like a beattitude to me :) 


Taylor Psalto said...

Watching you laugh this hard made me laugh!! haha Loved it!

Michelle said...

You have a blog - this makes me happy! Thank you so much for your comment on my blog. I think the world of you! Happy Valentines Day!