i love these people more than anything.  i got to go home over presidents' day weekend and spend some time with them, and it wasn't long enough at all!  they mean the world to me.  here is a tidbit about each of them:

this is my dad.  he's a goofball, but one of the best men i have ever met.  he's a spiritual giant.  i am seriously so thankful that he leads our family in righteousness.  i love my papa so much!  he loves movies,  reading, football, the gospel, and his family.

parker is my younger brother.  he's 14 and growing up fast.  i think he looks older every time i go home.  he just got his braces off and is loving his straight teeth!  he's such a stud.  he plays the piano like a champ.  check him out!  he loves running, football, reading, movies, piano, hanging with his buds, teasing all of us, and talking.  love this kid so, so much.

my mama.  she is the most amazing lady in the world.  she's hilarious and my best friend.  she teaches music at the elementary school and does a fabulous job.  she loves running, quilting, cooking, teaching her family how to eat healthy, and the gospel.  she has an amazing testimony and is such an example to me.  love you mom!

yeah, this is me.  you already know me, but i'm 19.  i'm attending byu and absolutely loving it.  i love running SO MUCH, reading, being goofy, singing, playing the piano, and hanging with my friends.  i love the gospel of Jesus Christ with all my heart and every day, i learn something new about it.  i am so blessed.

the sweetest kid you'll ever meet.  right here.  jaren is 11.  love him to death.  he loves reading and is super duper smart.  he also loves video games, being outside, playing with his friends, and making cookies.  he makes the best chocolate chip cookies ever.  he's pretty shy around people he doesn't know, but he's got a fabulous sense of humor that surprises me.  love you jare bear.

whit twit.  my sister and very best friend.  whitney is 16 and such a beauty.  seriously, she is drop dead gorgeous.  she and i have been best friends since she was born, from playing barbies and house to making up dances to talking about boys and sharing clothes.  she loves boys (haha whit, i'm joking), her friends, watching movies, doing hair and nails (she's way better at that than i am), running, and crafts.  i love when i get a text or call from her -- it brightens my whole day.  she makes me laugh and is such a support to me when i need it.  i love her soooo much! 


Kell said...

Shaylee... This is hilarious. But totally true. I wish you could have come to the cabin on Monday... but hopefully we can see you soon! Hope you had fun shopping in PROVO!! Love ya!

kara said...

I love this family! But you guys look a little different than when I saw you last. :)

Shaylee Wilcox said...

Ah Kell Bell! I wish I could have come to the cabin too! I hope you're loving life as a sixteen year old :) miss and love you tons! xoxoxo