today's friday, friday! -- and i couldn't be happier!

i'm not sure why today is such a good day.  could it be my green smoothie, orange, and toast for breakfast?  could it be the sun is back today {and even though it's chilly, the sun makes me 5000 times happier!}?  could it be that i am all done with my mission papers?  could it be that i have the best friends in this world and the best family to boot?  could it be that i straightened my hair for the first time in weeks?  could it be that i've been listening to t-swift's new album non stop for the past 5 days?  could it be that it's finally the weekend and i don't have to go to school or work for the next 2 days?  could it be that halloween is in just 5 days?

it could be.  it most definitely could be.

happy friday, everyone!

and here's the song of the day:


Aubrey Burton said...

Shaylee!! I just love you :) You're awesome!

Shaylee K said...

Aubs! :) I loooooooove you!!!