so many aspects of my life feel so crazy right now.  sometimes i feel like i can't handle everything that's being put on my plate!  for example,

at work, we've got an international symposium this weekend.  for me, that means INSANITY.  i just started here in august and have had to learn the ropes quickly.  the past few days, i've felt like a chicken running around with its head cut off!

at school, i've got a test this week, two tests to study for next week, tons of chapters to read, and daily assignments/quizzes that are constantly there.  talk about STRESSSSSSSS!!

at home, i was running out of food.  like, i had nothing to eat on monday night.  so last night, 4 of the 6 of us went grocery shopping.  none of us had been in a long time.  so when we put everything away (which wasn't easy!) our fridge looked like this:

 i'm pretty dang sure you couldn't fit one more thing in there.  and look at all that yogurt!  hahaha obviously, we're yogurt fans in apartment 54. 

so, with everything going on, i feel like i'm going to burst.  you could say i feel like the fridge.  one more thing, and i won't be able to handle it. 

but, just like the fridge, things go away.  after i take tests, i don't have to worry about them anymore (sort of... just roll with this analogy. i'm stretchin' it here).  most of my stress will go away, just like most of this food.  and then i'll be better prepared to handle the next time i go grocery shopping... aka pick up another full load of stress. 

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Matt and Misti said...

Just take a deep breath. Life by the inch is a cinch, by the yard it is hard. Just take it a day or hour at a time. You are doing amazing!