today i got to eat lunch with the prophet.

okay, so it was in a banquet hall with other people.  president monson was sitting at table 1 and i was squished at the very last table, 27, in the corner.  so not technically WITH him.


i got to shake his hand :) and president eyring's, and elder holland's, and elder oaks', and elder andersen's, and elder christofferson's, and elder nelson's.  i feel pretty important.

see, i've been involved in this big international symposium at work, right?  well today, it ended.  and it ended with a bang on the top floor of the church office building with a luncheon for all the delegates and all the general authorities. and the people that work at the international center for law and religion studies {aka me}.

it was a great day!!

jessica {the other student secretary} and i on the top of the church office building

i can't remember what was happening.. but it was apparently funny!

beautiful view of the capitol building from the church office building!


Brandi said...

Just the thought of being in the same room as the prophet gives me the chills. I would consider your lunch "with him". what a neat experience! I'm so jealous!


Love and Such said...

How awesome is this! You're a lucky girl what a cool thing you got to do!

newest follwer! woot woot!