it's funny how life changes, isn't it?

the leaves on the trees are falling off now.  it's chilly outside.  for the first time walking home yesterday, i was cold.  

my priorities have shifted and my perspective has changed.  it's no longer all about getting dates, wondering if the cutest boy in the ward will ask me out, worrying about next semester, getting up to date on everybody's drama, checking facebook, writing papers, doing homework, looking at pinterest... i'm not saying those things are bad. but for where i'm going in my life -- preparing to serve a mission soon -- i just have found that i don't care as much about all that.  i care more about people and relationships.  i care more about my scripture study, and my spirituality, and working hard.  i care more about my family.

i'm sad to see the leaves go.  i'm sad to say goodbye to the sun, and the warmth, and no jackets, and my sandals.  but i'm also excited for the snow.  i'm excited for thanksgiving, and christmas, and scarves and coats and boots.

i'm sad to leave this school and these people that i love so much.  my roommates are my sisters.  it'll be hard to leave my family and harder not to be able to talk to them whenever i want.  but i'm excited to start a new adventure.  i'm excited to spread the word of God and put my life in His hands and do exactly what He needs me to do.  i'm excited to touch people's lives and see their lives change as they come unto Christ.  i'm excited to go through the temple and make sacred covenants with my Father in Heaven.  i'm excited to start anew.

and so although these changes throw a new twist on life, i think the pros outweigh the cons.

don't you?

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Morgan said...

Absolutely they do!! This is a lovely post. I find myself feeling this way more and more every day.

Love ya Shay!