so we wanted to do a murder mystery dinner this year.  julia had the genius idea and got us all thinking.  it was hard to find one with enough couples for us all to be included {actually, it was impossible.  there is no murder mystery with 9 couples. sad day} but we found one with 8, invited our boys, and we had a BLAST!! it was 1930's and all the guys got way into it.

love my friends!

the boys: parker (the captain), brett (the hick), weston (the german), adam (the englishman), mikkel (the womanizer), collin (the jounalist), evan (the movie director), and tom (the ship owner)

the girls: melina (the rich girl), aubrey (the maid), jess (the heiress), julia (the singer), me (the gypsy), haley (the drunk), ashley (the artist), shea (the actress)

we like to be silly :)

the group! love em all!

the setting -- all thanks to julia!!

the gypsy and the ship owner

such a fun night with fun people! :)

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