back at byu with my girls -- my best friends in the whole world!  it's so great to be back.  i love everything about this place.  singing a hymn before class, walking on campus and recognizing people from last year, partying it up at night, living RIGHT across the hall from julia, so many good chats... ah.

it's good to be back!

here are a few highlights from the short time we've had together:


first day we saw each other!  i realize that i look a little too happy, but really... i love my friends with all my heart.  they are sooo great.

moving in... how exhausting!

such a typical night... melina missing steven, haley on her computer, morg and i totally zonked.

we live in the hood where the carpets are never cleaned and this is what your feet look like after walking around all day.... SICKKKK.

family pictures... i miss my sibs already :) 

my favorite cuddle buddy is back! yay! 

playin' in the rain!!  it doesn't look like we're that wet... but we got soaked, splashin' in those puddles till we were freezing cold!  it was so fun.  oh!  and amberly is our new roomie -- the one on the far right.  she's awesome! :)

here's to another good year at byu!  woo hoo!

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Melina May said...

LOVE THIS!!! especially that I am your favorite cuddle buddy! that's right!! xoxox