my brother is so cute.

we're all super excited about our upcoming trip to san diego this week.  it'll be so nice to have a little time away from real life and its drudgeries:  work, school, stress, more work, money, and more stress.  i seriously cannot wait!

well, neither can jaren.  he knocks on my bedroom door late last night and brings this in: 

he's so excited about our trip that he made everyone a copy of his packing list!  what kind of 12-year-old kid does that?  ahh i love him. 

here's to a vacation full of sunshine, family fun, and the beach!  see you next week!


Lindsey said...

I love your brother. He's the bessst. I miss his cookies.

Morgan said...

He is the sweetest thing. "toiletries." hahahah cracks me up!