{i wouldn't be blogging about this so soon... but unfortunately, i caught a nasty cold while we were in cali.  luckily it didn't show itself until today.  anyway.  that's why i'm back on the blogosphere.  because i'm laying in bed.}

you are about to be picture overloaded.  we had a BLAST!

our "almost" head-on!!

parker didn't like sitting in the soak zone at sea world....

but dad and jaren sure did! 

freaky, right?!

hahaha doesn't this look just like him??

SO beautiful

doing baptisms at the san diego temple was soo cool

the three of us were lucky enough to get pooped on by a bird during one of the shows at sea world... yum.

i love this picture :) so happy. so us.

the u.s.s midway -- an aircraft carrier from world war 2

it was HUGE.

my dad burned the CRAP out of his feet!

we were tired.  do you blame us? 

man.  i want to go back.  it was the best vacation EVER.


Julia said...

Dang it looks like you guys had tons of fun!!! Love the pictures and love your fam!

Michelle said...

Looks like you had a terrific trip - love all your fun pictures. I sure do love and admire your family and I hope I can raise one just like yours, beautiful, fun, happy and best of all strong in the gospel, love you all!

Morgan said...

Awesome pictures!! I just love your family to pieces.