i wish i could write like this.  or like this.

but i can't, and that's okay.  i'll just deal with my own writing and thoughts and ideas and feelings. 

today i feel very pensive.  this week there are a lot {and i mean a LOT} of different emotions running through my head:  fear. anxiousness. excitement. happiness. giddiness. anxiety. nostalgia. regret. impatience.

these things swirl about in my mind when i am not occupied doing anything else.  like these long, boring hours at work when no one is coming in, no phone calls have to be made, and i have hours to sit here and reflect.  there's a def leppard song that says, "from memory there is no hiding place."  it's so true.  no matter how much you try to forget, the memories sneak back into your mind when you're least expecting them. 

that's what makes it hard.

but on the other hand, i know that a new beginning is coming.  so soon.  and i'm so excited to be able to have that.  a step in a new {but familiar} direction.  a right direction, a good direction.  i don't have any idea what lies at the end of that road, but i'm excited to start the journey.  it's bound to have memories that hurt, just like the old journey did.  and it's also bound to come with so much love, joy, excitement, and happiness -- just like the old journey. 

but i'm hoping that just maybe...  this new journey will be better. 

and i don't have to wait much longer to begin.


Morg said...

I love this. And the Def Leppard quote! I have quite a good inclination that your journey is about to get pretty dang awesome :) I'm excited to see what the future holds for you!

Love always!
Morg @

Matt and Misti said...

Ummm, I pretty much think you are an awesome writer. I love reading your thoughts. Thanks for sharing them.