today in my human development class, [side note:  i absolutely LOVE this class.  anyone planning on becoming a mother should take it.  it's amazing.] the topic was puberty.

a little awkward.

i was reminiscing back on this ridiculous stage in my life when everything on the outside was so important.  how i looked, what i wore, who i was friends with, what i did for fun, where i lived. . .

i look back and it all seems really dumb.  in this new world that i've begun to get the hang of, i have realized that image is not everything.  it's hardly anything!  basically the only thing that matters is what's inside.  if you are true to yourself and the things you know to be right and you rely on the Lord for everything, that is what really matters.

anyway, my teacher started talking about how all adolescents feel like they have to fit in.  friends and media and social life has such a big impact on them, and if they don't get it "right", then they're labeled as losers and doomed to be socially awkward throughout high school.  adolescence is when self esteem goes wayyyy down.

then, she said, "in ephesians 2:10, it says 'for we are His workmanship.'"

God created us.  He specifically made us different.  and He knew what He was doing!  don't offend Him by putting yourself down.  and don't offend him by doing things you know wouldn't make Him proud.  He watches us.  He loves us.  He wants us to be our best.

i know i'm not the most beautiful person.  i will never be the most skinny, or have the most flawless skin, or the most wonderful hair, or the cutest clothes.  but inside, i know who i am.  i am a daughter of my Heavenly Father.  and He created me exactly how He was supposed to.

and you know what?  He created you, too.  exactly the way you're supposed to be.

don't forget that.

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