called to serve!  two years to pittsburgh, pennsylvania.

spencer clay coleman is the best friend i have ever had.  he was always there to listen when i had something i needed to vent out.  he always knew when something was wrong.  he genuinely cared about my feelings.  there were so many times that i needed someone, and so i called him up just to talk.  he heard way too much about my silly drama, but he was there when no one else was.  i owe him so much.

he's leaving tomorrow for the mtc.  he'll be a fantastic missionary.  he's come a long way in the years i've known him.  his testimony shines through him.  what a great example.  what a wonderful friend.

i've cried a lot in the past 12 hours.  saying goodbye is hard.  change happens -- it's part of growing up -- but sometimes it's hard to accept it.

thank you, spencer, for everything you taught me and for everything we've been through together.

"friends make the bad times good, and the good times unforgettable."

two younger sisters with our big brother in our matching jackets
we love you spencer! 

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Julia said...

awwww don't make me cry again hahaha! Love you Spence! :)