is this always how i feel at the beginning of the new year?  i don't remember.

right now, i adore my life.

it feels like i've reached a milestone of some kind.  i survived a semester at byu -- barely.  honestly, it wasn't the best.  i didn't do as well as i could have, or should have.  first semester for me was a LOT of playing, a little bit of working, a little bit of sleep, and a whole lot more playing.

over christmas break, i re-prioritized.  sleep is, in fact, important.  getting up early makes the whole day better!  my homework is getting done.  i actually love studying -- the things that i'm studying are so interesting this semester!  my scripture reading is happening.  my prayers are more sincere.  i'm so much happier.

today, i read this blog post and realized that i feel exactly the same way.

some people ask me:  but wait!  you don't have a boyfriend.  you don't have a lot of money.  you don't have a car.  you don't have a nice phone.  how can you be so completely happy?

here's my newsflash for you:  i don't need a lot of money.  i don't need a car.  i don't need a nice phone.  i don't need a boyfriend.  (i guess i do eventually. . . haha.  the right one will come.  right now, i'm totally okay with hanging out with the amazing friends that i've made.)  happiness doesn't come from those things.

happiness comes from:
living life to the fullest.  giving the Lord your all.
laughing at your mistakes.  making changes where necessary.
and loving the people around you.

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Rachel said...

Shaylee, you are so absolutely amazing. I hope you know that. I stand in awe at the wonderful example you are every time I read your blog. You make me want to be a better person - and that's really the best thing a friend can do. Thank you for reminding me to live and laugh and love the way Heavenly Father wants me to do - and for showing me how. - Rachel