today i was called to be the gospel doctrine teacher.


yeah, i'm kind of nervous.

but i've been thinking.  the Lord has a plan for me.  He knows me better than i know myself.  i must have been called as gospel doctrine teacher not so that i could help others learn, but so i could benefit from it myself.

i recently received a letter from a missionary who reminded me what i need to be doing:  "give life your all.  the lord your all.  every day.  do your best.  be your best."  i almost cried.  he knew -- from clear down in brazil! -- that i needed to hear that right now in my life.  in whatever aspect of my life it is, be it school or work or family or church (including teaching the gospel doctrine class!), i WILL do my best and give it my all.

i'm nervous.  but excited.  i'm moving forward in my life, becoming better.  life is fantastic!

happy sunday!

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