turning over a new leaf

life is incredibly hard sometimes.

and sometimes, we just have to learn to let go. i'm working today to let go completely of the past. things happened. and now what's ahead of me is my future. it's up to me to make my future bright. i choose.

this trial is harder than anything i've ever dealt with. but it's times like these that i'm grateful for:
  • my support. i have SO much! it's amazing to me how many people are reaching out toward me in my time of need. many have no idea that i need their support, and i am so grateful. if you're reading this, know that i love you. i am so grateful for your impact on my life. you have touched me in ways that you don't even realize. thank you so much for your continued love and support for me. i appreciate it -- and always will.
  • my savior. jesus christ knows EVERYTHING that i'm going through. he can help me through this. i don't have to do it alone. what an incredible blessing that is! i feel so blessed -- although this monstrous trial seems overbearing, i know it's not. i am strong enough to do this.
  • my scriptures. it seems that they were written for me, especially tonight. i will forever be grateful for the way they are helping me in my life. i feel guided by their words and their correct principles.
i'm ready for a fresh start. it will be the hardest thing i've ever endured. but worth it in the end. keep calm, and carry on. carry on, carry on, carry on!

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