thanksgiving morning dawned bright and early this year. 8 am, we were all out of bed, getting ready to go run the turkey trot in midway. there were grumblings, and complaints, and sour attitudes from just about everyone, but in the end, everyone had such a good time! being able to run with my family is one of my favorite things :)

highlights from the race:

probably the cutest 11 year old on the planet

the cutest momma on the planet

park and i, pushing it to the end

dad looks thrilled to be nearing the finish (hahaha)

3.1 miles! we did it! together!

so whit might have finished before me.. here's the proof. also take note of my real cute color coordination. purple and orange? yum.

thanksgiving break was the best yet this year. i was 50x more thankful for everything. living on my own has given me an appreciation for my family that i didn't have before. i love them so much! it was so fun to spend time with them. now i've just got to make it through the next 3 weeks (and finals -- yikes!) and i get to go home for christmas!

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