yes, that's right, we're in college and we had a pajama party. the best part of this pajama party is the actual pajamas. take note.

nightgowns. footies. and silkies. wonderful! not your typical college pjs. am i right? well, each pair of pajamas in this situation has a story.

story #1: the yellow nightgown (melina is wearing it)
once upon a time, shaylee had a great-grandma named grandma schwartz. she was an awesome lady. when she died, shaylee was somehow lucky enough to inherit this yellow nightgown. and she loves it. she wears it all the time. even though nightgowns aren't exactly "in." who cares? nightgowns are way more comfortable than anything else. the end.

story #2: the pink nightgown (i'm wearing it)
once upon a time, shaylee's mother noticed how much shaylee loved her yellow nightgown. and so she bought a lovely pink one so that shaylee could have two nightgowns. and shaylee was soo happy! the end.

story #3: the green silkies (morgan is wearing them)
once upon a time, shaylee had a great-grandpa (on the other side of the family). she called him papa. he was a great man, who always enjoyed listening to shaylee and her siblings and cousins play the piano. well, when he died, shaylee inherited his silky pajamas. she loves them equally as much as her nightgowns! even though the pants are a little short. papa was a short little guy. the end.

i treasure these things i've been handed down from my great-grandparents. truly, they were both remarkable people and i feel blessed to have a little piece of them :)

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