feeling the need for an escape, four of my friends and i planned a road trip down to st george. we wanted to surprise our friend that lives down there, spencer, and stay for the weekend. we planned to stay at some people i knew from high school's dorms. (saving money, see?)

starting off our adventure/the almost 4 hour drive! haley, melina, me

baptisms at the st george temple :) riley, haley, me, melina

feeding the ducks! me, melina, haley

going through "the crack!" so much fun! me, haley, riley

we visited the temple visitors' center and watched a movie on families. i cried - i love my family. melina, spencer, me, riley, haley, daniel

we met up with some old friends!! melina, spencer, jorden, me, jalen, larissa

top of the dixie rock! me, haley, jorden, melina

exhausted after our amazing weekend (with absolutely no sleep whatsoever!)

i loved this road trip because of all the things we did. we went to the temple and did baptisms, we studied for a few hours at barnes and noble, we visited my great-grandma, we fed the ducks, we went to the temple visitors' center, we played in the rocks and the dixie red cliffs, we laughed, we cried, we had fun. such a great weekend together with my friends, both new and old!

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