my blog is like a little piece of my mind. i write on it my happiest times and my worst times. i am so addicted to blogging that i feel like this stress is leaking right out onto this post in the form of words.

i want to go back to being a kid. in the words of taylor swift, "i wish i'd never grown up." college is great for a while, but then real life sets in and i have to remember all the crappy parts about being a new adult. money is probably the worst part of it all. i have none. and i probably won't for a really long time. and the fact that i have to earn $2000 before the end of december has me completely frazzled. literally. i feel like my life is coming apart at the seams and what can i do to prevent it? nothing. adulthood is upon me.

let's take a trip back, shall we? back to the good ol' days of being a kid. drool, who cares? dirt on your face, bring it on. you don't have to do your hair or worry about boys. or money. in fact, money was probably the least of my worries! what i was going to eat for dinner and whether or not i got a popsicle from the bag in the freezer was higher up there on the priority list than paying for tuition and figuring out how many hours a week i need to work. mommy and daddy were always there to kiss the skinned knees better and wipe away the tears. sitting in my apartment by myself crying my eyes out is not exactly what i pictured when i pictured the life of a mature adult.

can i be 8 again? instead of 18?

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Cindy Pearson said...

I love you my dearest Shay :) Really if you need anything call me and I would love to help you or even just to talk to you! I hope all is well and that you are having the time of your life! (other than the silly things lately haha Satan is a JERK!) haha LOVE YOU!!! Call me some time ok :)