last night, our favorite apartment of boys refused to have a dance party with us.  at 10:30 pm, they went back to their apartment, saying, "we've got to get our homework done."

fine.  don't want to have a dance party with us?

we'll bring the dance party to you.

ashley, melina, shea, jewels, me, haley, jess, aubs

we ran down the hall like secret agents, aub bringing up the rear with the computer blasting "sandstorm" by darude.  we ran into their apartment, bubble gun flashing its lights and blowing bubbles everywhere, music blasting, crazy girls dancing.  

what was their response? 

"what the?!"  "julia looks like a guy."  "who is that??"  one of them started dancing on the couch.  one of them got his phone out and filmed us.  

we gave them a good 30 second dance party and then ran back out again, down the stairs and down the hall back to apartments 54 & 55, shrieking with laughter and totally hyper.  

dance party ambush?  SUCCESS.

ps. check out amberly's pantsuit.  we got that thing at the DI.  isn't it great?!!

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