• game night like... every night
  • big living room / kitchen!
  • sharing a room with haley
  • living with wina, morg, and hay 
  • laughing so hard it hurts
  • no cold water dumped on me in the shower! (yet) 
  • class starting at 10 am.  that was smart of me
  • walking into jewels' apartment without knocking
  • grocery shopping at every grocery store in provo (rancho market, wal mart, macey's, buy low, walgreens)
  • quesadillas with avocado 
  • glenhood being so social! 
  • guitar lessons in exchange for piano lessons
  • becoming better friends with brey and jess
  • "hey guys.. wanna socialize?" 
  • 10 minute walk to campus vs. 25 minute walk to campus
  • peanut butter sandwiches for lunch every day
  • jewels coming to wake me up to tell me something important before school 
  • the fall colors
  • being outside. i LOVE fall and LOVE the sun
  • singing at the care center. those people melt my heart
  • my family calling to say "come home!" gosh i love them. 
  • late night chats 
  • good movies 
  • spending the evening in the library. it's actually a really great feeling! 

how long have i been here?  3 weeks exactly.  what a great list for such a short time!  lovin life! :) 

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Julia said...

you forgot one...."merrrrwhhh" haha if you can figure out what that is!