the 4 of us were hungry one night, and so what did we do?  make a big pot of broccoli.  one plate of broccoli + 4 forks + 4 hungry girls = a good night of chats, laughs, and deliciousness.

it made me think of a few nights before this one:  melina made bruschetta and sopapilla cheesecake.  we sat down to dinner -- together -- and i was so happy i could have cried.  honestly.  there's something about sitting down to a good, homemade meal with some of the people that i love the most in this world.

did you know that studies show that people that eat together {families, roommates} get along better?  i believe that 100%.  and i'm so glad that i have such great dinner pals -- my family AND my roommates!  melina, morgan, and haley are perfect substitutes for the family that i've eaten with my whole life.  i often think about how lucky i was to find such amazing friends.

here's to many more nights of sitting around a giant plate of broccoli.

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