today i thought a lot about love.

there are so many different kinds.  i felt the love of my roommates and best friends as we walked to the marriott center together and sat all together -- almost 20 of us, all joined in love and the gospel.  i saw the love between husband and wife, between the speakers and the congregation, between friends, between old missionary companions, between fiances.  i felt the love from our Heavenly Father so abundantly as we stood and sang the hymns, as i heard the inspired talks, as we said prayers.  i felt love when julia came in and laid on my bed for an hour and we just talked.  i felt love when i got a text from my sister, and then my cousin, and then my dad, and then my mom.  i felt love when i talked to both my parents on the phone.  i felt love when jess made peanut butter bars and i got to eat one.  i felt love between friends when we went over to apartment 82 and played catch phrase like we do every sunday.

sometimes i think that if i felt any more love, my heart would explode.  but it just keeps growing and adapting to love more and more people.

i heard once that everyone we meet, we fall in love with and a part of them stays with us forever.  i feel so blessed to have met so many wonderful people who have made such a big impact on my life.

and i'm so grateful for love.  every kind.

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