two. zero. one. three.

guys, we made it through the end of the world.  woot woot!! 2012 was a crazy year and i feel like my life took a LOT of unexpected turns. i think i've grown up in a lot of ways. let's see...

  • grew a lot closer to my bestest best best friends in the whole world.  seriously, they save me every single day.  i don't know how i got so blessed to have such wonderful friends.  i know i talk about them on my blog all the time, but they truly are wonderful.  it's hard to imagine where i'd be without them! 
  • so of course after growing closer to them, we had to say goodbye.  probably the hardest thing i've ever done was say goodbye to morgan as she left on her mission, chile-bound.  but i think this is a blessing in disguise.  our friendship will grow stronger as we're all apart these next 2 years, and i am excited to see what it brings to us! 
  • i've lost touch with some friends and regained friendships with others. how lucky i feel to have so many people i love. 
  • being able to work at red ledges was so much fun.  i'm so grateful for the people i met there -- michael, chris, chris, will, kacie, abigail... they have blessed my life and i'm grateful for their influence! 
  • third semester of college -- check!  it feels so weird that i won't be going back until january 2015.  i absolutely LOVED my ward this semester and i miss so many of them so much. i met so many wonderful people who i already love with all my heart.
  • mission age changed!!!! the chance to serve a mission {especially in hong kong!} is the biggest blessing of my life.  it scares me, i'll admit that, but i'm so excited to get out there and serve. i know it's what the Lord wants me to do. 
  • being able to go through the temple is by far the best thing 2012 has brought to me.  i love the temple with everything that i am, and i feel extremely humbled that the Lord sees me worthy to be in His house.  i want to go weekly before i leave for hong kong.  
i hope to soak in as much time with my amazing family as i can before i go on my mission.  twenty thirteen will see me fly across the world and immerse myself in a culture and language i know nothing about, but i am excited to see what else the new year will hold! 

happy 2013 to you all! :)

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