christmas eve was spent with some of my favorite people at my grandparents' house.  there was the usual delicious food, loud laughter, teasing, playing, talking, dressing up and haphazardly acting out the nativity, watching our parents act out the nativity {which was crazier than when the kids did it!}, and gangnam style with an 9-year-old and a 2-year-old.  

christmas day was spent sleeping later than usual, giving presents, receiving presents, pajamas all day, both sets of grandparents, more delicious food, tiny cousins, catch phrase, and a movie.  

and in spite of all this fun -- good, clean, wonderful fun! -- my favorite part of this christmas was, in actuality, not in these events that happened christmas eve or christmas day. 

my favorite part of this christmas was the feelings that were in our home.  my family is seriously the greatest.  and although we're not perfect, we try.  there is frustration, and anger, and bitterness, and jealousy, but mostly in my home, i feel that we abide by this christmas adage:

merry everything, happy always.  

and how grateful i am for that.
God bless you all during this beautiful holiday season.  
and may every day be merry everything, happy always. 

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Matt and Misti said...

Oh boy! How am i going to teach him to stop picking his nose? Nice. :)