my best friends and i will be apart for almost 2 whole years.  morg to chile, haley to vegas, me to china, melina to byu and arizona.  i don't know if anyone else knows how hard it is going to be (and already has been) for us to be apart.  a few weeks before morg headed into the MTC, we decided to do something that would keep us all a little closer for the next few years.

the traveling scarf. 

at target trying to decide which scarf to get

we went to target and bought a scarf that we all loved.  and now we're sending it to each other.  {yep, just like in sisterhood of the traveling pants ;) } we have a log that we keep all our adventures in and the things we're learning and how we're growing.  and of course, how much we love and miss each other.

morgan wearing the scarf into the MTC!

me wearing the scarf when the 4 of us went to SLC to see Savior of the World right before morgie left

2 years is a while.  but we're all going to be becoming better people.  and for that, i am so grateful!

bring it on.  with my friends/sisters, the traveling scarf, the Lord... i can beat anything.

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