i'm a blogger.

i don't pretend to be the best photographer -- heck, most of my pictures come from my canon camera and iPhone pictures!  i don't pretend to be the best writer.  i write whatever comes to mind.  i don't pretend to have the best blog design, or the greatest sense of humor, or the most followers.

but guys.. i love to blog. 

i blog about real life.  about my thoughts, hopes, dreams, fears, day-to-day happenings, and embarrassing moments.  i blog for my friends, for my family, but mostly for myself.  i blog because sometimes this little brain of mine can't contain all the thoughts that go on up there.  sometimes i just gotta spill 'em.  i'm honest, crazy, and maybe a little silly.  or a lot silly.

but hey, you really wanna know why i blog?  because.  i love hearing about everyone else's experiences.  i love following new blogs.  i love getting to know a little bit about someone else's life, and being able to relate to them.  i feel like i have friends all over, and i don't even know most of the people whose blogs i follow.  also, i want to contribute.  i want people to read and relate to my experiences.  the things i have to say are usually nothing too important.  i don't expect to change the world with my words.  i don't expect my blog to be earth shattering or life-changing.  but maybe i could make a little bit of a difference.  

and that's why i keep it up.

thanks for continuing to read this crazy lil' blog.  honestly, it means a lot. 

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