there is so much in my life to be thankful for.

a wonderful family comes at the top of the list.  my dad, who works so hard to provide for us and is funny and caring and understanding and forgiving and wonderful in every way.  my mom, who is the glue that holds us all together and sacrifices everything for her family and is fun and makes any situation better and is my best friend.  my sister, who is beautiful and perfect in every way and is so good at making me feel loved and understands me in everything.  my brothers, who are both so fun and add so much to our family and love to be around me and even though they burp and fart and stink, i love em. to death.  along with countless aunts, uncles, cousins, and on and on.  i have the BEST family.

two places to call home -- provo and heber city.  and soon, hong kong.  i'm so thankful for the places i have to live where i feel safe and warm and loved and protected.  i'm thankful for the people that make it so.

my friends are amazing -- i have the best friends on the face of the earth.  julia, who has stuck through high school and now college with me.  melina, morgan, and haley, who have become my family away from my own.  i seriously love them so much.  new friends and old friends and young friends and older friends.  i have so many people there to support and build me up and love me for who i am.

attending BYU has been such an immense blessing in my life.  i absolutely love going to school where the Spirit resides.  i love walking around campus knowing that everyone there shares my standards.  i love praying and singing before class, and learning more about the gospel to enrich my life. learning and the chance to learn at such a wonderful university is so amazing.  i know so many people who don't have the privilege i do, and i am so thankful that i can be at the Y.

the chance to serve a mission has come as the most unexpected -- but absolutely wonderful -- blessing.  everything is falling into place for me to serve: my contract has sold, my call has come, i have a job until then, i have so much support.  my grandpa said it during thanksgiving, "i'm doing better than i deserve."  i truly believe i am.  the Lord is so good to me.

the list goes on and on and on:  good food, whenever and wherever i want.  eyes to see and ears to hear and hands to feel and legs to walk and run.  living in the united states of america where freedom rings.

giving thanks this holiday season means so much more to me, because for the next 18 months i will be away from most of these blessings that are so dear to me now.  i guess that's why i'm most grateful for the one constant in my life:  my Savior, Jesus Christ.  His mercy and love and sacrifice means the world and more to me.  i know He will be with me every second of my mission.  although apprehension has started to set in, i am not afraid.  my Savior knows me.  He loves me.  He will help me.

this i know.  and i am so thankful.

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Whitney Wilcox said...

that post made me cry! i sure love you shay- having you around has been so much fun. but having you out serving a mission will be even better. love you <3
love whit