today i heard no less than 5 {not even kidding} people on campus singing to themselves.  usually, i look at those people like for real? are you 2 or are you 20, stop singing, we're in college let's get real. but today, for some reason, it was kind of beautiful.  those people don't care about what people think about them.  they are going to sing if they want to!  they're going to skip and shout and sing and even if people think they're insane, they're going to do it anyway.  

seeing those people be so completely themselves made me notice other small beautiful things today.  like the Christmas decorations all over campus.  and the couple that was holding hands walking to class.  and the smiles on people's faces.  and the free hot chocolate by the wilk.  and the awesome majesty of the mountains surrounding this campus.  and the few stray leaves on the trees.  laughter.  color.  music.  friendships.  text messages that make your day.  cute guys.  warm clothes.  best friends. a cute apartment.  a job.  low stress.  visits from friends.  good grades.  nail polish....

and on and on and on.

all these little blessings make life just beautiful. 

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