we are religious about our sunday naps over here in apartment 54.

like, when we get home from church, we walk straight back to our rooms and sometimes don't even change our clothes before rolling into bed, chatting about the sunday school lesson or the talks in sacrament meeting or relief society for a few minutes, and crashing.

it's great.

you know what else is really great?

my mission papers are IN. 

today, my stake president called my house and my mom gave him my cell phone number.  45 minutes later, he still hadn't called.  i was too impatient.  so i called him.  the conversation went a little something like, "well hello there, sister wilcox, when can i meet with you this week?"  "how 'bout tonight, president, are you too busy?"  "no, actually, tonight is great!"  "awesome, i'll be there in an hour!"  haha that's the gist of it anyway.

and what happened when i got off the phone?  haley and i, jumping on our beds, screaming our heads off with excitement, hugging each other and basically freaking out.

i can't wait!! :)

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Michelle said...

Wow!!!! I am so excited for you!!!!