so long, provo.  i'm all moved home for the summer... back to good ol' heber, where
  • the air smells like cows and skunks
  • and you can actually see the stars at night
  • and you can't step out of the house without seeing a billion people you know
  • and the memories are around every corner. 

i'll miss provo, and my teeny apartment that quickly became my home
  • and my bunk bed, with someone sleeping above me
  • and the laundromat, where i have to haul my laundry each week that smelled like laundry detergent
  • and my new friends that have taught me so much
  • and my best friend, jewels the cool... gosh i miss her
  • and BYU campus, where everyone is so friendly and yet you hardly ever see people you know
  • and the library, with big chairs and tables and so many people bent over computers
  • and my ward, with so many friendly faces there each week 
  • and the city lights at night
  • and so many things to do
  • heck, i'll even miss the 20 minute walk to campus! 

but i'm back in heber, and ya know what?  i'm happy to be here! i'm starting my job at red ledges tomorrow, and although i'm super nervous, i'm excited for the new opportunity.  this is my home.  i love heber.  i've realized since being back how much i love the "country."  it's so pretty.  and i'll complain from time to time about seeing people i know EVERYTIME i go out of the house, but in reality... i love it.  i love this place.  home sweet home!

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