today i had a nice little reality check. a slap in the face.

there are so many horrible things going on in the world. and it seems that everyone is being affected by satan in some way or another. and amidst all this sin -- i am just NOT being my best. i am not living up to the shaylee k wilcox that i know i am capable of being. i see myself falling into the same "worldly" trap that has captured so many of my friends and loved ones. and i am heartbroken and discouraged about it. i want to live the way my Savior would have me live. i want Him to be proud of me.

the other day, i heard some really sad news about some of my friends from high school. i started bawling. (of course, it was finals week too, but still. . . ) i couldn't believe that they had been sucked into some of the things that scare me the most. it broke my heart for them. i wanted to call them up and beg them to start living how they know they should.

warning:  i am about to be very blunt.

your choices don't just affect you. they just don't. you have no idea how people will react to the things that you're doing. and don't make the same mistake i did -- don't think that just because no one sees what you're doing, they'll never find out. people can see it in your face if you're not living the way Christ would want you to live. they can tell by your spirit. don't think for one second that your choices are solely yours. they will have an enormous effect on people that love and care about you. think twice before doing something you KNOW you'll regret.

because, if you're reading this, i love you. and i don't want you to be spiritually hurt.


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Cindy Pearson said...

I love you so much Shaylee!