christmas time!

i'm sitting here at my grandparents' house in idaho, surrounded by so many loved ones.  tonight, we got here and there were hugs and kisses from EVERYONE.  i was attacked by my little cousins, wrestled by my uncles, and squeezed by aunts.  grandma and grandpa surveyed their huge family with love.  we sat down to delicious food (as always) and i was overcome with how grateful i was to be a part of this crazy, amazing, loving, spiritual family.

after dinner, we all went downstairs to have a christmas eve family home evening.  we all piled on top of each other, laying on couches, slouched in armchairs, or sprawled on the floor.  singing christmas carols, i again looked at my waddoups family.  it was right then and there that i decided there was nowhere on earth i'd rather be.

grandpa talked to us about the reason for the season:  Jesus Christ, our savior and redeemer.  this year i have a new appreciation for the atonement, and why Christ came to earth.  He atoned for me, and for my sins, and for the sins of my loved ones, so that we can all repent and go back to live with Him again.  what an amazing blessing the atonement is.  even my littlest cousins seemed to recognize the spirit in the room.  tears were shed.  hearts were full.

and you know what?

christmas could be over right now, and i would be perfectly happy.  this is christmas.  it isn't about the gifts, or the treats, or the toys.  it's about love, and family, and our savior, Jesus Christ, born in a stable so many years ago.  birthed by the humble mary.  praised by the angels.  worshipped by the shepherds.  given gifts by the wise men.  what a beautiful, wonderful, perfect christmas eve.

merry christmas everyone!

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