finals! they're upon me!

i figured that i needed a quick break from studying, and so instead of killing myself, or getting on facebook (where i would most likely spend an hour), or making myself food (i just had lunch at 2:00), or reading a book (where i would probably get so into it, i wouldn't study for the rest of the week), or taking a nap (where i would be asleep until 7:00 tonight). . .

i am going to write a blog post.

everyone always told me what a terror finals week is. five tests in one week? any sane person will go insane by the end of the week. and i see myself on that path now.

just today, i have wanted to:
  • tear my hair out
  • scream
  • die
  • go home
  • throw up
  • never read anything about american history EVER again
  • never see another rock, volcano, or tectonic plate boundary as long as i live
  • never write another paper
  • never visit another art museum
  • burn all my textbooks
  • never carry a backpack around again (my shoulders are KILLING me!)
  • cry
  • never take another test
  • drop out of college
  • set up a tent in the library
  • at least set up a bed in the library (some of these benches are SO uncomfortable)
  • hire a massage therapist to follow me wherever i go and give me massages on demand
  • call everyone i know that went to college and ask them how in the world they survived finals week multiple times
you know what? i think maybe i am going insane. . .

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