i forgot what a joy primary is.  i remember being in primary and being so excited to get candy, or play hangman when the lesson ended, or sing the songs really loud, or give a talk, or hide our scriptures in the bushes outside the window {haha, we really did that.... oops}, or prepare an object lesson that one of my teachers asked us to prepare.  primary was fun.  i got to substitute a class today!  lemme tell ya, it was awesome.

i went into the classroom of 10 year olds, and said, "hey guys! i'm your teacher today!"

responses: "oh cool" "who are you?" "sweet!"

so i said, "do you guys know who i am?"

class: "no.."

me:  "do you know who jaren wilcox is?"

one little girl: "he's my brother's friend! how do you know him??!"

i started laughing. "he's my brother!"

man, it was funny.

and then we went into sharing time.  i haven't been in sharing time since i was in primary.  it was so fun and nostalgic and cute.  the kids in primary have the sweetest little spirits.  their innocence and joy and love for life is so special and cute.  but something hit me today that has never, ever, ever crossed my mind before.

in sharing time, the majority of the teachers were men.  now, the world would have us think that men are supposed to be rough & tough.  NOT sensitive.  rub some dirt in it, stick it to the man, strong, fierce, prideful.  but these men of the Lord?  i watched them tousle little boys' heads and high-five little girls and whisper the answers to them and watch over their little children with such love and humility. but what got me the most was when they started singing.  these men -- grown men, with jobs and degrees and families and experience -- were singing primary songs about jesus and birthdays and sunshine and happiness.

my heart melted. 

the gospel changes us.  it makes us better.  it is so beautiful. 

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