24 OF 30

from 30 things. 

describe the family dynamic of your childhood vs. your family dynamic now.

we often talk about how great the "good old days" were.  the good old days, where we rode our bikes in the street in nothing but our swimsuits, and in the winter we'd pull each other on a sled just in the backyard.  where mom and dad were in charge and we'd just play.  where school was fun and your teacher was like your mom and your best friend combined.

some days i wish i could go back to being a kid.  it's weird to think about what has changed since then.  when i was a kid, life seemed simpler. 

but other days, i'm happy to be where i am.  my family is changing and growing up and it's fun.

we're old enough now to play games together.  we joke with each other and laugh together and talk about serious things.  we help plan our family vacations and everyone is expected to help.  there are almost 5 drivers in the family now if parker would hurry up and get his permit.  school isn't that fun anymore, and tests and act scores and getting into college and paying for things lay heavily on our minds, rather than who ate the popsicles out of the freezer.  we have developed our relationships with each other, and we still fight and argue, but who doesn't?

life is ever changing.  it rolls on, we change and grow up, but it's so good.

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