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list your top 5 hobbies and why you love them.

man, i love to read.  it is so awesome to get into a good book and not want to put it down!  it's so cliche to say "lose yourself in a good book"... but honestly, that's what i love about reading!  you get to escape the world for a little bit and put yourself in a different situation.  it's fun!  some of my favs are harry potter, hunger games, and this new series i've started called the great and terrible. 

so i'll be the first to admit that this hobby is hit-and-miss for me.  when i do it consistently, i love love love it.  running de-stresses me.  it feels awesome to go work out.  it is one of the best feelings in the world.  heard of runner's high?  yeah.. love that.  however, if i don't do it consistently, it can be more of a chore.  {like right now.  i've started running again, but i'm not quite into that "love love love it" phase yet.  hopefully i get there soon.  i like that phase.}

anybody surprised?  you shouldn't be.  i blog more than anyone on the face of this planet.  that's what it feels like, anyway.  but for real... writing is so great.  it is such an outlet for me.  i write when i'm stressed, when i'm sad, when i'm happy, when i'm angry, when i'm emotional, when i'm excited... anytime.  this blog is like an extension of my brain.  also included in this should be my personal journal.  going back to reread my journal is so fun, because EVERYTHING is recorded in it.  from losing my first tooth, to losing my best friends in junior high, to vacations and trips i've been on, to high school and the woes of dating, to college and the fun i've had there {so far!}.

usually "friends" doesn't count as a hobby.  but i have to include my friends in this.  i have some of the best friends in the history of best friends.  i'm serious.  how did i get so blessed??  they give great advice, they encourage me to do better, they support me in what i'm doing, they help me with my goals,  and they help me live the gospel.  they are wonderful.  and we do so much together that it should be counted as a hobby!

i could name a thousand other things that i love.  but laughing basically sums them all up.  what good is life without laughter?  a hobby is defined as something you enjoy doing.  laughing is most definitely enjoyable to me.  it's the best feeling in the world when you are surrounded by good friends and can just laugh.  a good, deep, long, belly laugh that makes your sides hurt.  i honestly don't believe there could be anything better than a good laugh.

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