Kidding.  Did I make you smile?

I just listened to this talk from 1962.  That seems like an eternity ago to me, even though to others perhaps it feels just like yesterday.  Time is strange that way.

The talk was about getting to know yourself and thinking about what you hold most dear.  We need to spend some time getting acquainted with ourselves and find out what matters most to us.  In today's world, with so much hubbub and the ever-present distractions of Netflix, Facebook, YouTube, iPhones, Twitter, Instagram, iTunes, Spotify... (I could go on, but you get it)... we hardly ever spend time sitting, pondering, and wondering at the many different aspects that make up the person we are.

So I've spent some time sitting today.  Pondering.  Wondering inwardly at myself, who I am, and the things I care about.

Who am I?

I am a person that loves the sunshine, because it brings hope and warmth and happiness.  In the sunlight, the world is bright and alive.

I am a person that loves poetry, because of the wonderful way poets capture a feeling on paper.

I am someone that loves a good view, because of the way it fills me with wonder.

I am a person that wants to be close to other people -- relationships matter to me, and I love learning about someone and what's important to them.

I am someone that loves deeply, and laughs freely, and is never afraid to write about my feelings, but is sometimes afraid to say them aloud.

I am someone that knows God and Jesus Christ are real people, and because They are real, and because They love me, I have second chances for all of the silly mistakes I make (because I make a lot).

Who are you? 

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Aubrey Burton said...

Beautifully said. Thank you for posting this- I needed it