This is for YOU.

You, with the long hair. Or short hair. Or no hair. Every mother, daughter, sister, grandmother, friend, neighbor. You are beautiful. Kind. Generous. Soft. Independent. Courageous. Important. Loving. Strong. Inspiring. Smart. Active. Funny. Radiant. Talented. Motivated. Opinionated. Young. Old. You are a woman.

You have struggles.  Perhaps it's junior high, wanting to be included.  Maybe you're in high school, wondering about the future.  You're in college, waiting to be loved.  Or you're a mother, wearing yourself out for your little ones.  You're battling cancer, wishing you could stop the pain. You mourn for lost loved ones.  You live paycheck to paycheck. You want the blessing of children, but haven't been able to conceive.

You also have triumphs.  You received a promotion at work.  You ran a marathon, tears mingled with sweat streaming down your face as you crossed the finish line, hands held high.  You got an A on an important test.  You can smile through the pain.  You made dinner -- and didn't burn it.  You spoke up for something you believed in.  You are a leader.  You made it through yet another day.  Your children learn and grow.

You have a divine role in society.  You aren't a woman on accident.  You were made this way. God made you with all the qualities you possess on purpose.  He loves you.  He loves all of His daughters.

You were meant to shine.

You were meant to be wonderful. 

You were meant to do great things.  Even if those things seem small to other people.

Embrace womanhood.  Embrace you.  Embrace the woman God intended you to be.

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