it doesn't seem like too long ago that i posted the previous post.... and yet it's been almost 20 months!  crazy how time flies, isn't it?  so cliche, i know.

my mission was amazing.  i can't believe it's over already.  i miss it every day.  but...

i'm so happy to be where i am.

i love my family.  gosh, i love them.  it's been so fun to just hang out with them.  it's been awesome to work and come home to a good home-cooked meal {something i missed SO much while i was gone!}.  it's been amazing to be a temple worker.  it's been incredible to hear from my missionary sister.  it's been so happy to be home for christmas again.

i guess what i'm getting at here, is that LIFE COULDN'T BE ANY BETTER. 

i'm so incredibly thankful for the gospel and the Christmas season that reminds us of the joy that our Savior brings to each of us.  He brings peace, comfort, joy, love, light, laughter, meaning, and all things good to my life.

in all the things that i went through in the past 18 months, and all the things i'm about to go through in the next 18 months and more, i know He's always -- and will always be -- there.

i want you all to know it, too.

so happy to be back in the blogging world.  i don't even care if anyone reads this.  but maybe by the small stuff i write down, i'll be able to help someone {myself included} be a little happier today.

happy december!  cheers to post-mission life!

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